Urban Renewal Agency Mountain Home, Idaho

Urban Renewal Agency of the

City of Mountain Home


The mission of the Agency is to promote sustainable economic development and community enhancements through partnerships and public/private investment within the Urban Renewal Area.

What is Urban Renewal?

In Idaho, Urban Renewal and related Tax Increment Financing are the most useful tools available for communities to generate employment opportunities and enhance private investment.          

Approximately 40 communities in Idaho have established an Urban Renewal Agency. Idaho Code has very specific requirements for the start-up, oversight and ongoing reporting by the agencies. 

Briefly, an Urban Renewal Agency is a quasi-public entity that may help eliminate slum and blight as well as promote economic development through public infrastructure improvements. 

Urban Renewal Agencies have a maximum life of 24 years.  Our agency began in 2005 and will sunset no later than 2029.

Under “Projects” on this website many of the agency successes are described.



  • How was the Agency formed?

The Mayor and City Council proposed forming the Urban Renewal Agency and adopting the agency boundary.  After Public Notices in the paper a Public Hearing was held.  After the hearing the City Council approved a Resolution to form the agency.  The Agency boundary is reviewed and approved by the Idaho State Tax Commission and the Elmore County Assessor.  The physical size of the area and the total valuation within the area needed to be identified and certified.  All of these steps are required under Idaho Code.


  • Who runs the Agency?

The Mayor named five Commissioners.  Those Commissioners are confirmed by the

City Council.  The Commissioners have staggered, four year terms.  Not more than two Commissioners terms expire in the same year.  The Commissioners receive no payment for their service. The agency has a regular monthly business meeting.


  • Does the City of Mountain Home provide money and oversight?

No.  The Urban Renewal Agency is independent.  The City provided initial funding for attorney, public notification and other start up fees.  The City was completely reimbursed when the agency received funds.  By Law, the agency gives a detailed financial report to the Mayor and City Council on or before March 31 each year.


  • How is the Urban Renewal Agency funded?

Tax Increment Financing, also called Revenue Allocation Financing, is a process governed under Idaho Code, Title 50.  The overall effort takes about a year to complete, briefly described as follows:  The Agency, with assistance from attorney and financial consultant develops the Plan.  It states what amount of money is needed, what the funds are to be spent on and what the repayment schedule will be.  It states the total amount of assessed valuation within the area and that amount becomes ‘The Base’.   It states the amount of growth expected because of the funds to be invested. The Plan is reviewed by the Tax Commission and each taxing entity within the jurisdiction (Elmore County in this instance).  At least one public hearing after proper public notice.  Upon approval of the Plan, by Resolution of the Urban Renewal Agency, various financial entities make offers to loan the amount requested and under the terms defined in the Plan.  After the funding is secured, the City is reimbursed and the project is designed, bid and completed.  The growth in Assessed Valuation is the ‘increment’.  Simply stated, the Agency receives property taxes on the ‘increment’.  With the funds received from the ‘increment’ the Agency repays the money borrowed initially and, if there is any money remaining after debt service, may enter into other projects within their mission.


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